Society Introduction

China National Arts&Crafts Society


    China National Arts&Crafts society is a state First-Class association with the status of legal entity. It has been ratified by China Association For Science and Technology and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. 


    With a long history, wide variety of superb skills and the unique style, Chinese arts and crafts became the cultural treasures of Chinese nation, the excellent fruit of Chinese tradition, the important carrier of cultural exchanges, the art model of industrialization and the most energetic traditional industries with vitality. 


    The Chinese Arts and Crafts Society is a comprehensive group, integrating art production, education and scientific research. It is a knowledge-intensive body with industry experts, scholars and the arts and crafts industry related multidisciplinary talents who are engaged in the development of Chinese arts and crafts. The Society members represent 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. They have expertise in a range of arts, crafts and trades. Dozens of academic leaders and over 100 technical experts are members of the China National Arts&Crafts society. With more than 6,000 current members, the Society boasts a broad and representative membership base.